Toko adjustable straps dog seat cover GRAY

Toko adjustable straps dog seat cover GRAY


The "Toko" car seat cover, BASIC collection, is a model for people who love simplicity and functionality.

The set includes a black case!

Classic style combined with the highest quality! Heavy-duty, waterproof textile and durable Duraflex buckles!

One standard size, hammock (two layers of fabric) without any additional configuration!

You can easily fit it into the car through the adjustable straps on the headrests.

One plain color: gray 

Shipping in recycled poly mailer



- One color and non covered headrests

- One size, easy to install and quick to remove 

- Heavy-duty - recommended for large dogs or several dogs

- Double-layer - with non-slip lining (black color) to keep hammock on place, ideal for leather seats

- Waterproof

- Handmade from high quality, durable polyester

- Two buckles openings

- Two large pockets

- Recycled packaging


Navy blue
Black case for the cover

- Easy cleaning - hand wash recommended (sponge or brush with soap).  

- Warning! Do not use strong detergents and concentrated disinfectants.

- Do not use a tumble dryer.

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