"Ero Soft" dog car booster seat VELVET EMERALD GREEN size L

"Ero Soft" dog car booster seat VELVET EMERALD GREEN size L


"ERO SOFT" is a soft dog seat for the front seat or the rear sofa.

Ideal for dogs with travel anxiety - the dog calms down and sleeps during the journey.

The seat comes with one seat belt.

Three sizes to choose from:

Size S - for small dogs up to 5 kg

(yorkshire terrier, chihuahua, pomeranian, pekingese, maltese, miniature pinscher, shih tzu)

Size M - for dogs up to 12 kg or two small dogs

(french bulldog, westie, miniature schnauzer, corgi, mini and medium poodle, jack russell terrier, pug, cavalier)

Size L - for dogs up to 25 kg or two medium-sized dogs

(whippet, english bulldog, bull terrier, standard schnauzer, english springer spaniel)

We prioritize your and your dog's safety:

  • In every size, a safety belt is included and can be attached to the car socket (the seat has a hole)
  • Adjustable strap around the backrest of the seat and the headrest


  • Separate cushion - can be washed separately
  • Machine washable - removable cover
  • Soft, hypoallergenic filling with silicone balls
  • Straps for carrying the dog like a bag
  • Large side pocket on the seat
  • Large pocket on the backrest of the seat
  • Three sizes tailored to the size of the dog

Realizacja do 5 dni roboczych

Choose this product and support Polish design

100% made in Poland

Premium collection - soft velvet made of 100% recycled polyester

When choosing the SECOND seatbelt in the configuration, you will receive:

Size Comparison:

Features of the car booster seat BeBobi


-Protects all front seat - beackrest and seat.

-Handmade from high-quality oxford fabric (polypropylene webbing makes it water resistant and durable) with very soft filling in the sides and bottom.


-Sides and bottom are very soft and comfy thanks to silicone filling (removable)

-Ideal for small and medium pets ( S max. 5kg )

-Integrated strap with hook to secure dog inside.

-You can use it as a dog bed, e.g. in a restaurant or in a hotel room

-Can be used both: on the front seat and back sofa

-DURAFLEX® buckles

Front or back seat

can be used both

Duraflex® buckles

Adjustable straps - around headrest and chair

Seat belt in set

to secure dog inside

Like a dog bag

you can take your dog inside from the car

Separate pillow

On the front seat

adjustable straps around the seat and hadrest

On the rear seat

adjustable stras around the backreast and headrest

Two pockets

Smaller one at the front, and a larger one on the side

Soft Filling

Filled with silicone beads - completely removable

See how to install the car seat in size L

See how to install the car seat in size S/M

- Easy cleaning - hand wash recommended (sponge or brush with soap).

- It is possible to use washing machine on a gentle program   

- Warning! Do not use strong detergents and concentrated disinfectants.

- Do not use a tumble dryer.


Recycled polyester, also known as rPET, is obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyster fiber. By choosing recycled polyester, we are able to deliver the same technical performance in fibres as traditional polyester but with much LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certifies products obtained from recycled materials and manufacturing activities

Enhance products made with recycled materials, in compliance with environmental and social criteria extended to all stages of the production chain.




PET-PROOF fabrics have been tested to confirm their increased resistance to tearing - the pulling apart of threads due to scratching.

-The tests were conducted by the independent laboratory CTL GmbH in Germany in accordance with the BS 8479:2008 standard.

-This test mechanically simulates fabric scratching by household pets, such as cats or dogs.

-The snagging test determines the fabric's tendency to pull threads, tear, and result in surface defects when the fabric snags on sharp objects.

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