Dog seat cover for all back space "Kuko+"

Dog seat cover "DENGU" for 2/3 of back seat

Dog seat cover "DENGU" for 1/2 of back seat

Dog seat cover "MIK" for 1/3 of back space

Dog booster seat "ERO SOFT" for front seat or back space

Size S for small dog max. 5kg

(yorkshire terrier, chihuahua, pomeranian, shi tsu, pekingese, maltese, pinscher mini)


Size M for 1 midium dog max. 12kg or 2 small dogs

(french bulldog, schnauzer mini, pudel mini and medium, jrt, pug-dog)


Dog trunk cover "HELE"

Cover matched to the size and model of the trunk - CUSTOMIZED.

After order, you'll get a form to fill in the exact dimensions of your boot - like in this pic (this is an example)