I'm happy that you're here!

If you're here, it means that you would like to know better people behind BeBobi brand. So welcome!

I founded the BeBobi brand in 2017 after Bobi appeared in our home. We first introduced colorful and bold car seat covers to the PL market, breaking with blackness in this sector. In the beginning, there was uncertainty whether my vision of colored headrests would catch on, but it soon turned out that such a change was needed, and you loved our designs as much as I did😊 ! If you want to read more about our story go page down;)


We couldn’t have a different name! Only from Bobi’s. "Be Bobi" - be like Bobi in his new colorful and happy life!

Be Bobi - Be Happy! 

In 2019, Mela joined our family. She was adopted by us as a two-year-old skinny girl and it quickly turned out that she is great as a tester and model :) Currently, she replaces Bobi in these company activities, and he is resting on his dog retirement on the sofa;)

Watch a video and see how our seat cover is made:

Since we started, we ran our business in consonance with sustainable development issues. What does it mean?

We operate in business according to the values that are important to us privately! We defined areas in which we contained our vision and mission.


Primarily, employees respect! We're a team and together create the highest quality products. Customer service. We care about relationships. We’re in touch with customers by social media as feedback is a source of improvement. Advised before buying to limiting exchanges i.e. unnecessary transport. We create products to support our customers' everyday lives.


As a team, we take care of the entire process - from design through production to shipping. All takes place in our workshop in Poznań! We also test prototypes ourselves. Unique patterns were designed for our brand by illustrators. We also care about safety, which is why we carry out durability tests of our finished products - seat belts - in an accredited laboratory!


Using upcycled waste materials for the accessories production such as poop bag holders, treats pouches. Textiles with OEKO Tex certificate. We’ve launched an “eco collection” - seat covers are made from recycled fabric from pet bottles.  Yours orders are shipped in recycled packaging. We encourage customers to have chewed products fixed instead of buying another one.


We support pet shelters as much as we can. We donate our accessories and seat covers to charity auctions or simply to shelters for dogs transport. Our eco campaign was arranged in cooperation with Gaj shelter - to support the adoption of model Rufi.

Brand story

Everything started in October 2015. We visited a dog shelter in Gaj (Greater Poland). 

We went there to take dogs for a walk, just spend the time in a good way. But honestly, I was very scared of this visit! As a very sensitive person for dog’s stories, I thought that I couldn’t make it ... but faithfully everything was great! 

And in the first cage, we met Bobi! It was his name in the shelter, he lived there for a year, and he was 10 years old. Unfortunately, he had low chances, as a senior, for adoption. Despite his sad story, he was so happy seeing people! Well, it was love at the first sight:)

 In November he already lived with us! :) Bobi was 10 years old and I had 10 years of work experience. Good job, good salary what more could I want ... well ?! :)

Every free time, we packed ourselves and drove with Bobi out of town. It is amazing that despite the age and the fact that Bobi probably didn’t travel a lot before, he likes car traveling, ok he sleeps all the time;) 

We bought some seat covers, but all of them were ordinary, sad, thin, and then an idea for own functional style became. Finally, after some time, during one of our trips, I told my husband that I want to leave my job and start working alone for myself, creating dog’s design :)

I did what I said, on 30/06/2017 I ended my job and I started on my own. I knew the name of my company, there was no doubt about it :) 

BeBobi - be like Bobi in his new life! Wagging tail, playing even alone:) bark with happiness and sleep upside down until 10:00 a.m.;) Just be happy!

This is how unique, functional, waterproof, and colorful seat covers were created. And we still develop :) different sizes, different models, different patterns, and colors. And this is not the end, we already know it!