Pressure-free harness for dog LIFE CATCHERS x BEBOBI

Pressure-free harness for dog LIFE CATCHERS x BEBOBI


Pressure-free dog harness limited collection Life Catchers x BeBobi

This type of harness is recommended as a car harness but als perfect for dogs walks!

The tape is around the neck and chest sewn with a soft mesh spacer. High-quality materials and fittings will ensure their durability for a long time.


The harness does not twist during walks and does not pressure the dog.


Remember! The dog in the car must be fastened to the harness, not to the collar!

Unique design by Marta & Filip from Life Catches and brown tape on the dog's back. 

Realizacja 24h

Choose this product and support Polish design

100% made in Poland

Hippie hound pattern was designed by Anna Rudak

Features of the pressure-free dog harness BeBobi

Adjustable in four places

Duraflex® buckles

Reflective tapes

Soft mesh underside

Perfect for the car trips

Not twisting during walking

Create a color set and travel with your dog