Mata na przedni fotel „ERO” Zebra
Mata na przedni fotel „ERO” Zebra

Front seat cover ERO SOFT ZEBRA

Ero Soft front seat cover is a seat cover easy to install - snap the buckle strap around headrest and seat. Cover protects all front seat - beackrest and seat. 

COLOUR COLLECTION. Is handmade from high-quality fabric with very soft filling in the sides and bottom. 

The combination of black and excotic leafs pattern with a green trimming and label. Waterproof.

It fits both light and dark upholstery.

Sides and bottom are very soft thanks to silicone filling (removable) makes trip extremely comfortable.

This cover is ideal for the smallest pets who loves to be close to us.

You can use it as a dog bed, e.g. in a restaurant


S for one dog max. 7kg: external width 40 cm / length 40 cm / back height 55 cm, side height 25 cm. Internal dimension 25 cm / 25 cm

M for one dog max. 10-12kg or two smaller dogs: external width 56 cm / length 40 cm / back height 55 cm , side height  25cm.  Internal dimension 38 cm / 35 cm + boki 10 cm

Can be used on the rear sofa.

Is recommended for a pets weight max. 7 kg

Lead time 3-5 business days

226,83 zł


More info

Your dog is your best friend and you're alwas together? The name ERO means friend!

Integrated strap with hook to attach dog inside.

Big pocket for a leash or bottle of water. 

One size fits all types of cars, the larger limousine, SUV, as well as smaller hatchbacks.

We use DURAFLEX® buckle

Through use durable polyester material covers are very easy to keep it clean - machine washable using gentle cycle.